when team spirit consolidates passion

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For our column dedicated to the runners of Vivi Corri Sogna, we interview Marianna Giordano, a runner who has found additional motivation thanks to the group.

Interview with runner Marianna Giordano

Hello Marianna, tell us a bit about yourself

I am 33 years old, I am a physiotherapist and osteopath, I am married to my husband, whom I love madly, and to my work, which is one of my greatest passions and a constant source of stimulation and curiosity.

I’ve always played sports since I was little, but I never had a strong sense of competition, the part of sport that has always attracted me the most is the strong aggregative component.

I actually started running more regularly about 3 years ago when I joined a group of amateur runners who at first had very little in common with me except training schedule; i.e. we were all there to practice around 6am.

The group has consolidated, both on the human level and on the emotional side, today we are quite numerous and we participate together in the 10 km races and, involving our families, we also prepare and bring home the semis. -marathons across Europe (see Prague April 2019!).

How many times do you train per week?

We train at least 4 times a week, in winter more than ever, we didn’t dare to stop even in the snow… indeed it was wonderful to run under a few snowflakes.

What difficulties have you encountered?

During these 3 years, I inevitably had periods of forced stop for minor injuries to recover, and I missed running a lot. I missed it because it’s now part of my daily life, because it’s this dose of physical fatigue capable of producing just as much mental well-being, because it makes me feel free and strong, it missed because I missed my “friends run” and especially without running my days started very slowly and instead I got used to starting them with an abundant dose of energy.

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And then I missed it because for me running represents a moment that I dedicate to myself, out of all contexts (work, family, relationships, etc.), in which I also pursue my thoughts, my projects. And then, let’s face it, with the excuse of running, I also have one more reason to go shopping.

What shoes do you use for running?

The things I pay the most attention to are obviously shoes, but also sports bras. For the former, I usually rely on streams And Sauconiabecause they are the only ones I have tried so far, while for clothes I rely on Nike And Adidas but I also buy from Decathlon.

On the choice of shoes there would really be a world of things to specify, namely the type of training that takes place, the terrain on which we train, the number of kilometers we cover, the quality of the step and so posing…

But without going into details, and based on my feelings, I can say that the ISO mocks Saucony (which I currently use) are more absorbent and responsive, and in principle are the best to use in long workouts and for those who are not very light.

Previously, I wore Bugle still saucy, perhaps a little less reactive but still light. From Brooks, on the other hand, I tried both the Ghost and the Glycerin, both very comfortable and enveloping for neutral pronators. The attention and experience of this brand, for example, is evidenced in the attention to detail such as the use of interiors lined with very soft materials, that is to say that already at the first adjustment, it seems to be stepping into a slipper!

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As for the watches, I tried TomTom I was not feeling well and went to Garminhere I was very pleased with the ease of use, reliability and battery life.

The biggest difficulty that I encounter, and that I still can’t win today, is my struggle with the extra pounds. Despite my regularity in training, I cannot have the eating style of a runner and therefore neither can my body.

Do you practice other sports?

I practice yoga and once/twice a week I do functional work with little weight but which allows me to prevent injuries and improve my posture, and every 15 days (alas I should do it more often but it there’s never time) I do a decontracting and relieving massage for the muscles of the lower limbs and for the lumbar area, with adjoining osteopathic control (well, professional deformation, guys!).

What advice would you give to those who want to start running?

If I had to give advice to those who want to approach the world of running, I would say that each of us has a reason to start and it is intimate and personal; there are those who start to lose weight, those who are too sedentary, those to make new friends, those to enjoy a few hours of solitude, those to test themselves…

but we all need to “feel alive” and the race is a generous teacher in this.

Being outside, rediscovering contact with oneself and with what surrounds us, downloading toxins and negative energies, and the most beautiful thing we can give to our body to thank it for accompanying us in this wonderful adventure that is life.

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