What to give to those who like to run | 10 gift ideas

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Are you looking for a gift for a runner and you don’t know what to offer?

In this article you will find a guide to choosing the best gift for those who love to run, with a selection of accessories, Clothes And gift ideas for everyone runner.

Here is the list of the top 10 gift ideas for runners:

  1. gift card
  2. thermal gloves
  3. sports glasses
  4. running leggings
  5. windproof waterproof jacket
  6. running socks
  7. gps watch
  8. electrostimulator
  9. Bluetooth headset
  10. a running book

Gift card

The gift card is one of the best gifts for a table runnerespecially if you are not a running expert and are afraid of getting the wrong size or choosing a gift that is not useful for the runner.

Those who receive the gift card can choose the one they prefer among accessories, clothing or running shoes, independently choosing the size and color. The perfect gift to play it safe and not have to ask for changes or replacements.

Gift card

The LBM Sport Gift Card allows you to create a gift voucher suitable for any occasion, with a range of 50 to 200 €. The gift voucher is valid on all products in the store, more than 500 products all dedicated to runners, constantly renewed with new models and the great best sellers appreciated by runners.

Thermal gloves

Among the accessories for runners, thermal gloves cannot be missing, the essential protection in the winter season, both for the runner who runs a few kilometers and for those who cover long tracks in high mountain routes.

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The Adidas A.RDY gloves keep your hands warm, they are breathable to eliminate perspiration and allow the optimal temperature without heat loss. The fingertip fabric is designed to be compatible with touchscreen devices, so you can use smartphones and GPS watches without ever having to take them off.

For an even more complete gift, you can opt for the BVsport Winter Pack, consisting of warm and tactile gloves and a neck warmer, which can also be used as a bandana if necessary.

Sports glasses

Specific glasses for runners are essential during training, especially in the summer season. The perfect glasses to use for running? Lightweight, with a comfortable fit in the nose area and a good all-round view, so as not to obstruct the view of obstacles during travel.

A model that responds well to these characteristics is Eassun Oak, suitable for any type of race as it guarantees excellent visibility in all weather conditions, with photochromic lenses that adapt to ambient light in seconds.

Running leggings

A very useful piece of clothing for all runners is the leggings, to be worn in the cold season under sports pants or alone to have the feeling of a second skin.

The Adidas Own the Run men’s model is made of stretch material to adhere perfectly to the body, maintain heat and allow the legs to perform any movement in complete freedom.

The Adidas Otr Warm women’s model has warm fabric to keep the body dry and help wick away sweat, has a comfortable waterproof pocket and reflective details.

Windproof waterproof jacket

Another essential item for all runners is the waterproof jacket. A good running jacket adapts well to all seasons: in winter it keeps the body warm without overheating it, in summer it is useful to shelter from the wind or sudden rains, while maintaining excellent breathability to eliminate perspiration.

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The Asics Run jacket is perfect for women who want a garment with an attractive graphic that protects them from rain and wind, without restricting their movement.

For male runners, a model we love is the Nike Windrunner BRS, equipped with numerous storage pockets, it can be closed in a bag to carry it comfortably when not in use.

Running socks

It may seem like a discounted gift, but running socks are more than just socks. The fabric, seams and construction of the sock are specially designed to support running motion without causing discomfort or irritation to the skin.

The Floky Run Up Long model is designed for those who run long distances, has a breathable fabric that applies light compression from the toe to the calf. Moreover the Tape system technology minimizes heel vibrations when landing on the ground, for an optimal running experience.

compression socks for running

GPS running watch

If a runner wants to take his training seriously, he cannot do without a GPS watch. It’s a true digital diary where you can track your workouts, physical health metrics like heart rate and sleep quality, and monitor your location with GPS.

The Garmin Venu 2 Plus is a watch designed for sports, with GPS, heart rate monitor and advanced sensors for all physical parameters, such as oxygen saturation. In addition, it is a smartwatch that connects to other devices to be able to receive messages and calls during exercise.

It is programmed for various sports disciplines and offers 1600 suggested exercises to create a personalized workout.


An electrostimulator is ideal for all runners who train hard, in preparation for a race or always looking for a new personal best. It is the essential accessory to facilitate recovery and prepare for the next workout with a regenerating massage.

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The Complex Mini electrostimulator has 6 specific programs for various performances such as: increasing blood flow, improving muscle tone and promoting muscle relaxation.

Bluetooth headset

Headphones are always a great gift idea for anyone who likes to run with music! Not all headphones are suitable for sports, so it is better to opt for a model with specific features.

An example? AfterShokz Xtrainerz headphones are designed for running but also for swimming; indeed, they are waterproof up to 2 meters, perfect for use in swimming pools. The exclusive feature of these earphones is that they do not work as simple earphones but by bone consumption. The ear is therefore not “clogged” and remains able to perceive all external noises during the race, even with music at full volume.

A running book

A runner cannot fail to be passionate about running stories that tell of challenges that lead to success!

An original gift for those who like to read is a great classic on the world of running: “The Art of Running” by Murakami. A book that tells the relationship between the writer and race, with enlightening maxims on what race represents for the mind and for the body.

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