Trail On the Paths of the Saints – 7.11.2021

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L’ASD LBM SPORT TEAM he also has his hard core trail runner…. yes, you don’t just run on the road! Indeed, some of our athletes have a passion for the mountains and trail running.

For this reason, as soon as you have the possibility of escaping from the urban chaos of the capital, you leave for a beautiful race where the sky touches the peaks….


Sunday, November 7, 2021, a remarkable group of km-breakers and lovers of the difference in altitude, will leave at dawn from the headquarters of theLBM Sport team at the Simbruini Mountains Regional Park to run on the Paths of the Saints and visit our friends at Asd Trail Monti Simbruini.

Subiaco and its surroundings will be the undisputed protagonists of this magnificent race: it will take place in history and in the places where saints and hermits lived. An intertwining of nature and spirituality with passage to “heavenly lime“(Thus defined by Petrarch), i.e. at the Sacred Speco or the threshold of heaven where Saint Benedict, patron of Europe, lived there as a hermit.

Starting from the banks of the Aniene River, you will cross other suggestive passages such as the Monastery of Saint Scholasticaa place famous because the first movable-type book in Italy was printed there.

Distance and elevation

13 km and 700 meters of elevation gain and that’s it


To register for the 2nd Trail Sui Sentieri dei Santi, the cost is 12.00 euros. Reserve with an email at [email protected] and give your subscriptions for the third time which will take place in a local restaurant…. Come on, let’s eat!

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