The trick to buying half-price running shoes

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Attentive runners know there’s a smart way to buy half-price running shoes. The trick, however very simple, is to…

The trick to buying half-price running shoes

we said, there is a really neat and simple trick to buy most running shoes in the market at half price.

THE smarter runners they already apply it to save on the price of these shoes which are often not affordable for all budgets.

Considering that a good quality running shoe model is expensive 140 to 230 euros. And considering that on average an amateur runner replace shoes almost twice a yearyou will be forced to spend on average between 300 and 500 euros per year.

At this point you’re wondering what the trick is to spending half, well, I reveal a secret that veteran racers know well, and which can be applied to both dirt and asphalt models.

Running shoe manufacturers, to keep the focus on their products, update the most successful models every year, allowing stores to sell the previous year’s model.

Be aware that starting from the same model, the changes from the 2019 version to the 2020 version are in most cases due to the design rather than the technologies of the materials and the internal structure of the shoe.

For this reason, if you want to spend half the price, the easiest way is to choose a successful model that has already had several upgrades and buy the previous version.

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