The 7 Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes

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Are you looking for the right shoes for trail running? the Salomon Shoes are riders’ first choice when it comes to dirt roads, the company specializes in trail running shoesfocusing on quality And resistance of its models and To research of the best materials.
In this article you will find an overview of best salomon trail running shoesselected by trail type and race conditions.

Salomon: the brand specializing in trail running

Salomon is one of the best known brands in the world of trail running. Solomon’s story begins in 1947 in Annecy, in the south-east of France. From skiing, over time, the company has become specialized in the world of mountain and outdoor sportswith particular attention to trail running
Great attention is paid to the research into increasingly advanced materials, to provide riders with the best off-road racing conditions. In some shoes, the sole is equipped with professional movie to cushion the friction with the surface and, at the same time, ensure excellent adhesion. In many models, the stem is made of Gore-Texa waterproof material that allows you to face wet and snowy paths keeping your feet dry.

The 7 Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes

To help you choose the shoe that’s right for you, we’ve selected The best Salomon models for trail runningbetween iconic shoes and novelties.

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Salomon Speedcross

the speed cross I am one of Salomon’s legendary models. The Speedcross Guarantee great stabilitythe sole is equipped with wider herringbone gussets for excellent grip in the pushing and braking phases.
They are one of our best sellers because they come with a very stable footrest so you can have the maximum security at each stage of the race. L’EnergyCell+ midsole make the shoe amortized and with a good energy return. The Speedcross range includes specific models also with Gore-Tex upper, ideal for competitions and winter training.

Ideal for: trail routes on soft and muddy groundadvised over medium and long distances.

Discover the entire Salomon Speedcross series

Salomon XA Pro

the Salomon XA Pro are the perfect shoes for those running on technical terrain: the Contagrip® sole, with the exclusive Premium wet traction compoundoffer the perfect fit even on wet ground.
The SensiFit™ structure wraps the foot and makes the protective and comfortable fit.

Ideal for: mixed terrain, humid and rocky; recommended for competitions and training on technical trails and steep slopes.

Discover the Salomon XA Pro

Salomon Supercross

the super cross they are ideal shoes to tackle the hiking trails in Adverse weather conditions or up snowy paths. The the rod is made of Gore-Textissue waterproof that keeps the foot dry even when running in the pouring rain or on muddy trails. The adhesion is maximum: the Contagrip® TD outsole promotes contact with the ground for excellent grip.
The welded rod and without seams, it guarantees an enveloping fit; stability andpadding they are given by technology Eva Foam EnergyCell™ to lessen the impact with the ground.

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Ideal for: soft and muddy soils, for winter competitions and training And with rain.

Discover the Salomon Supercross series

Solomon’s Sense Ride

the Meaning Tower 4 these are shoes comfortable and responsivefromexcellent versatility. Technology Optivibe™ absorbs vibrations from impact with the ground and makes the shoe well cushioned. The rubber sole has the professional movie that protects the foot from sharp objects and promotes maximum grip, to face all types of trail terrain.
The upper part has a 3D Mesh Debris Netwhich makes the fit snug, stable and protective, especially in the heel area.

Ideal for: mixed soils; recommended for intense trail sessions on medium long distances.

Discover the Salomon Sense Ride

Salomon XA WILD

the Salomon XA Wild they are perfect for tackling any type of route and all weather conditions: the Contagrip® sole offer the maximum traction even on wet ground and the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane keeps the foot warm and dry.
The the fit is comfortable and securewhile the stability is given by the 3D chassis technology which optimizes motion control and promotes excellent responsiveness and protection during longer runs and on uneven terrain.

Ideal for: mixed and stony ground with excellent wet grip; suitable for long distance races.

Discover the Salomon XA Wild series

Salomon Ultra Pro

the Salomon Ultra Pro offer comfort and stability during the race: the fit is adjustable thanks to the presence of two side flaps that allow recording the forefoot support and midfoot as needed and provide better impact protection. L’Eva rubber midsole has a double intensity, which makes the shoe more responsive favoring upward thrust. union withEnergy Safe™ insert promotes the dynamism of the process. The Contagrip® sole it has very deep pieces, for a excellent traction with the terrain and optimal rhythm control.

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Ideal for: mixed soils, especially on paths with soft groundfor training over medium to long distances.

Solomon XT-6

the Solomon XT-6 they are perfect for venturing into more uneven and steep terrain. Eva rubber cushioning ensures soft landings when overcoming obstacles such as rocks and boulders.
L’Agile Chassis™ system offer the maximum stability both over short and medium distances, it is a resistant and robust shoe that absorbs shocks with the ground and has a reinforced toe cap.

Ideal for: technical terrain, steep and soft, medium to long distance routes.

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