Neck warmer and running bandana: how to use them

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the neck warmer or bandana is one of the fundamental allies of runners. Versatile and space-saving, the bandana can be very useful in any workout, in winter of course, but also in summer.
Plus the bandana is perfect not just for running. It is a very useful accessory for sports and outdoor activities such as hikingjog or ski. Ideal as a first layer in colder climates or used alone, for training from spring to fall.

We see in this article all the uses of the bandana for daily training.

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How to choose the perfect bandana

The key to choosing a good running bandana is the type of fabric and comfort.
The fabric of the bandana should be light, breathable and particularly, comfortable on the skin. To run, avoid using a bandana made of heavy fleece-type fabric, designed for the outdoors but not suitable for sports.

A good bandana in synthetic fabric is ideal for keep skin dry by letting sweat out.
On the skin, the fabric should be soft and comfortable, which does not cause chafing and irritation while maintaining excellent adhesion to the skin.

All uses of the running bandana


The most common use of the bandana is certainly as a scarf.
Ideal for winter trainingto protect the throat and, if raised, also the nose and mouth from the cold.

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lbm sport worn running bandana


An ideal bandana use for any time of the year is that of the hat.
In summer: ideal for protect your head from the sunavoiding overheating the head and avoiding burns and sunburn.
In winter: perfect to protect your head from the windcold or light rain.


The runners know it well, in summerespecially in the hottest hours, after a few minutes sweat begins to flow over the eyes, causing significant discomfort during training.
The lightweight, breathable fabric of the bandana makes it ideal as HeadbandAbsorbs sweat and dries in seconds.


Wrapped around the wrist, the bandana becomes a cuffideal for the summer to wipe the sweat from the forehead.
Also, using the bandana as a headband is a great way to take it with you when you don’t have pockets available. The bulk is minimal and when you need it it will be ready to use as a scarf, hat or headband.

There are many other uses and ways to wear the running bandana, truly making it every runner’s must-have ally.

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