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the Triathlon has seen a steady increase in the number of members and teams over the years, a sign of the strong growth in interest in the discipline. From the 2018 season The LBM SPORT team join the team of Athletics the new team of Triathlon, creating an exciting and rewarding experience. To date, the team has around 70 members and is ready to welcome anyone who intends to come and try this fantastic sport.


In the Triathlon the athlete engages in a test of I swimone of bike and one of race, without interruption. The main race distances on the calendar are:

Triathlon distance chart

During the competition season, there are also tests of Duathlon, which usually take place during the colder months when it is not possible to swim in open water, in which the swimming part is replaced by another running part. They are therefore useful for approaching this sport, allowing athletes who are less confident in swimming to compete. The most common distances of Duathlon competitions are:

Duathlon distance chart

How to register

To register as a triathlete with the Italian Triathlon Federation (, you need a competition certificate issued by a sports doctor for discipline”triathlon“And the visit is the same as for athletics.

LBM SPORT - Triathlon team in Rome

The calendar

On the Federation’s website, you will always find the updated race calendar, with the possibility of filtering the search by region or by race distance:

The rules

On this link you will find the technical regulations that we strongly recommend to read to anyone who approaches the discipline. Indeed, managing 3 disciplines and the relative transitions in the same race requires very precise rules for each stage that it is good to know before approaching the competitions.

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