How to save on running shoes?

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A series of practical tips to save on running shoes and make running a cheaper sport for our wallets.

How to save on running shoes

Running is often considered a cheap sport because many believe that wearing a pair of sneakers is enough to train at your best. In reality this is not the case, indeed any runner knows how important it is to buy good quality shoes, adequate technical clothing and often also technological support accessories such as GPS.

They are not exactly cheap products that require a fair investment, especially to buy running shoes, the quality of which is essential to avoid injuries, fatigue and improve performance, without sacrificing a minimum of aesthetic sense and comfort. .

On average, running shoes need replacing after a certain period of time, but a lot depends on wear, how often you train, the type of surface you usually run on and how well the shoes are taken care of. A good quality model can be quite expensive, from $120 to $200, but you can save on running shoes by following a few helpful tips.

Buy quality running shoes

Although it may seem counterintuitive, buying quality shoes can save you money in the long run. The price of sports shoes is indeed closely linked to the manufacturing, the materials used, the structure and the technologies used in their production.

A simple sports shoe, among those that can be purchased in a department store or shopping center, with an inviting cost of less than 100 €, will certainly not be able to withstand many workouts, especially if they are intensive and carried out the rainy days or in complex terrain. routes.

On the contrary, a good quality running shoe, and carefully chosen for your feet, can ensure a longer duration, better performance and above all reduce the incidence of joint inflammation. In this way, in the medium and long term, you can save on the purchase of shoes, because instead of lasting a few hundred km, they could even reach 800 km.

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Companies always offer different versions of their sports models, so it’s not uncommon to find seemingly similar shoes sold at different prices; now you know why.

Do not use running shoes for other activities

To save on running shoes, it’s important to preserve them from wear and tear, so use them as little as possible. Above all, they should not be worn to perform other activities, so it is advisable to always take them with you, but only put them on when you need to train, having a spare pair of shoes. In fact, each model can sustain a certain mileage, with variations caused by body weight, gait and the terrain in which they are used.

Using running shoes for walking, shopping, walking the dog or going to the gym is not a wise choice as it will dramatically shorten the life of the shoe.

Since these are expensive shoes, more expensive than a simple sports model for everyday life, it is essential to use them exclusively for running. For this, it is enough to organize yourself with a duffel bag, and you must always keep them clean after each session, so as not to compromise the sealing of the upper and the tread.

Buy older models

As we said in the article: the trick to buy running shoes at half price, every year the brands active in the production of sports shoes renew their collections, presenting new models or simple updates to the market. day of shoes already on sale.

In this way, the latest arrivals are also the most coveted, and therefore the most expensive, because they represent a novelty and benefit from cutting-edge technical solutions, the result of the latest research and experimentation. Often, however, these are only slight modifications, which do not affect the performance of the running shoe.

To save money, it is possible to buy older shoes, avoiding those that are too old, launched on the market for more than 2-3 years and characterized by rather dated technologies. On the other hand, buying a running shoe from the previous collection allows you to spend less, without sacrificing quality.

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In reality, clearance models, usually released around 6-18 months, have excellent value for money, while the newer ones remain at least 40% more expensive, due to consumers’ desire to always have a new version, unique, original and still not widespread.

Style and price: a combination that influences price

Another way to save on the cost of running shoes is to put design aside. Above all, running sports shoes should be comfortable, provide adequate arch support, good fit, high build quality, efficient and breathable upper, reliable tread and cushioned and flexible midsole. Style is a secondary aspect, although it often affects the final price more. This is due to the psychology of consumers, who are inevitably attracted to the most beautiful and eye-catching products.

Many companies focus on this factor to keep the cost high, offering different combinations, bright colors and original and captivating designs.

However, it is possible to find running shoes that are less pleasing to the eye, but just as effective in training, which allow a net saving on the purchase cost due to the lesser appeal they have for runners. The price difference can be quite high from one model to another, simply because a color is not requested or because of an update in the aesthetic style of the shoe.

Buying shoes online… but with caution

E-commerce today represents a rapidly growing sector all over the world, capable of offering various advantages to consumers. One of the main ones is the possibility of saving on purchases, finding the desired model at an often cheaper price.

Physical stores must in fact face higher costs than online stores, have high warehouse costs and are subject to frequent replacement of the models on display. The result is that you will mostly find the newest shoes, on which the retailer has a higher margin, and the more the sales staff will be inclined to push the more expensive shoes, valuing their merits.

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On the contrary, by buying online it is possible to save on running shoes, choosing from many different models, finding versions that are difficult to find in stores and comparing the technical characteristics of different shoes in a few moments.

However, you have to be careful where you buy, because it is not possible to try on shoes. The advice is to favor platforms that provide for the exchange at no additional cost, to test the product and possibly return it without paying any additional commission and above all buy the first time exclusively in the physical store then continue online.

Buy Discontinued Shoes

To spend less without sacrificing quality, to find the right running shoe at the best price, you have to waste time researching and arm yourself with patience. Both physical and online stores regularly offer sports shoes on sale, to make room and free up the warehouse for the new models that arrive.

It is precisely at this time that the purchase must be made, taking advantage of the discount applied by the retailer, which in some cases can even reach 40-50% of the total sale price.

Of course, you have to wait a bit, but you can simplify this process by subscribing to quality newsletters, requesting messages for special promotions and periodically visiting specialized sites.

Alternatively, you can read the advertisements of individuals, who sometimes sell running shoes at extremely low prices, perhaps because after the purchase they realized that the model was not good, or that the color was not the desired one, but more care should be taken and meet in person if possible.

To conclude

Running shoes are an essential tool for anyone who loves to run, whether amateur or professional. However, a good quality model is quite expensive to buy, but you can save money by choosing the right shoes, buying wisely, putting style aside and taking advantage of discounts and promotions, especially online.

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