How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Running Shoes

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The purchase of running shoes is a rather delicate choice, both for amateur runners and for professional runners, who are well aware of the importance of wearing shoes adapted to their needs. Here are the mistakes a runner should not make when buying running shoes.

choosing the wrong running shoes

measure your feet wrong

One of the most common mistakes many beginner runners make is getting the wrong foot size. It may seem like a trivial matter, but measuring your feet correctly is a fundamental aspect, because even a half size above or below makes a huge difference when running. According to some research, most people are unaware of their arch length, which is the measurement from the heel to the ball of the foot where the foot flexes.

Each shoe model is designed to flex at a precise point, in order to adapt to the natural flexibility of the foot. To obtain optimal comfort, it is necessary that these two points correspond perfectly, otherwise the shoe could be uncomfortable and leave the foot excessively rigid in the flexion movements. So when you go to a running shoe store, you also have to remember that this other important foot size exists.

Confuse volume and width of the shoe

The volume of the shoe is the measurement of the space present inside the shoe. Often, however, in running shoe stores, many people usually ask for a wider shoe, thinking that the model just put on does not have enough volume. To understand the difference between the two sizes, however, there is a simple trick, which can help you determine which size really needs to be changed.

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In fact, just measure the space between the top eyelets of the shoe with your fingers. When tightening the laces, the shoe should always stay snug against the foot, not too tight but not too wide, leaving only two fingers between the eyelets. Three fingers, on the other hand, means there is not enough volume, so the model is definitely tight. On the contrary, if there is only one finger left, it means that the volume is excessive, therefore the shoe is too loose. Knowing that you are wearing a shoe with the correct volume helps to avoid the risk of foot injuries, including the dreaded plantar fasciitis.

influence of friends

In most cases, when you go shopping, you are not alone, but almost always accompanied by a friend, your partner or a relative to keep you company. Clearly there is nothing strange in any of this, however it is not uncommon for another person’s influence to make mistakes and inaccuracies in the choice of running shoes. The most important things to consider when buying running shoes are three, fit, feel, and function.

But when people bring a friend with them, it sometimes clouds their judgement, for example by commenting on the color, pattern or shoe size. Letting yourself be influenced by the advice of a friend or relative is never a wise choice, so it is better to go alone to buy shoes, to have all the time available to try on different models and to choose only by according to his own feelings, maximum with the help of an experienced salesperson.

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Buy shoes that others like

Another fairly common mistake is to buy a running shoe only because it was recommended to us by someone, a person who may have some influence because he is an expert runner or has been a runner for much longer. years than us. It’s easy to believe that if something works for one person it will also work for us, but the exact opposite is almost always true.

Worse still if you are inclined to buy a model of running shoes because they are the ones used by our darling, or after having read the particularly positive opinions of other runners on a pair of shoes. As reliable as this information is, running shoes are a personal product, which should be tried and tested without being influenced by brand or other indications.

Respect the duration of the shoes

Most running shoes are designed to last between 450 and 800 kilometers, but many runners ignore this technical aspect and often use the shoes for much longer than they should. Likewise, they do not pay attention to the maintenance of their shoes, ending up running in shoes that are too worn and dangerous for the health of the feet.

Wearing worn shoes can put you at risk of serious injury. To understand when to replace your shoes, if the kilometers traveled have not been taken into account, you just have to be careful when you start to feel unusual pains, especially if they are localized in certain places. Many runners decide to buy new shoes only when they are already in a lot of pain, when replacing them much sooner would be ideal.

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Feet can change

A very common mistake when buying a running shoe is to think that your feet always have the same size. Obviously you don’t go from a 41 to a 43 in a few months, but the size of the foot can undergo small changes from one year to the next, such as requiring the transition to a slightly larger model. The advice is to always measure your foot every time you buy a new pair of running shoes.

On several occasions, runners experiment with the classic model they are used to buying, only to find themselves with a shoe that is too narrow or not very comfortable compared to normal. The small muscles of the feet, which support the weight of the body every day, can over time and effort stretch by a few millimeters, causing the feet to grow. Although imperceptible, this difference could cause problems during execution.

Contact a non-specialized store

Often, many beginner runners do not give the right importance to running shoes, thinking that any model is good for running. Or in other cases, you can’t or don’t want to spend too much money on a good quality pair of running shoes, so you end up buying a cheap shoe from a non-specialty store. The main differences in this case are two.

In a specialized store it is possible to receive the help of an expert salesperson who can provide us with all the support necessary to choose the most suitable running shoes for us, while on the other hand you can save money. money buying online.

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