from the couch to rediscovered well-being thanks to running

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The story of Libera Attanasio, a mother and housewife who decided to get back in shape by running. His motto is: “The sofa is no longer for me”.

Free Attanasio

My name is Libera Attanasio, I am a mother and a housewife. Before, my life was all fork and sedentary, physical activity at school was a nightmare, then one day I had a quarrel at home, the one between mother and daughter, and that’s how I started my journey.

I started with mental leisure, I covered short distances, then I gradually increased until I did kilometers, 12/13 kilometers per day….

Running wasn’t my forte, but I tried. I participated a few days ago in a non-competitive race, and I guarantee you that it was a very nice experience, to repeat.

I train almost every day, when I can, early in the morning with my music and my loneliness, desire, I run without thoughts and I feel satisfied. I like to be alone because I know my schedules, my habits, my rhythm, and at that moment I don’t think of anyone, my music is my traveling companion.

When I was pregnant my habits changed but I was still walking actually my son took it from me. There was a period when I quit for health reasons, but that certainly didn’t end my way of thinking, running or walking shouldn’t have stopped.

For me, running means freedom, well-being, feeling good about yourself, without proving anything to anyone.

I lost 20 pounds and I’m happy because it never made me think about quitting. Clothing was not as important to me as it is now, as the only thing I cared about was putting on comfortable sneakers and going.

For the moment, I only practice running, slowly, but hard enough, because my motto is those who go slow, go healthy and go far. The advice I can give to those who want to start running is that it is not easy but not very difficult either.

It takes consistency and inner strength.

You have to try, you have to feel it in the fervor of putting on your shoes and leaving. The rest comes by itself. I didn’t follow any diet, I just thought about my well-being and did what my brain told me to do.

I’m happy and I’ll never stop. Of course, I’m not a professional runner, but I do my best and I know that even a little is a lot, always better than nothing.

The sofa is no longer for me.

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